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Rosette Blocks

Rosettes, also known as corner blocks, are placed at the top corners of a door or all four corners of a window. A rosette corner block is normally 1/4" to 1/2" wider than the casing width, leaving a reveal on each side. Trim installation is easy because the application used allows the casing, which is run between the rosettes and down to the floor or to a plinth block that is placed next to the doorway, to be butt-jointed instead of mitered.

Rosettes are available in red oak, cherry, maple, pine, and tulip poplar. Other species and sizes can be made by special request.

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Our popular rosette designs are: Wellington, Hampton, Bullseye

Our popular rosette edge routings are: Oasis, Regent, Mini Edge, Plain Edge

Plinth Blocks

Plinth blocks add a decorative design where door trim meets base molding. As a general rule for matching plinths to base and casing is that a plinth can be used with any molding as long as the molding is not wider or thicker than the plinth.


Our popular plinth block designs are: Federal, Bridgeford, Louisiana, Springfield, Traditional (traditional block with any rosette)

Staircase & Corner Blocks


Wood Selections

Our popular wood species are: Oak (Red Appalachian), Northern White Pine, Poplar, Maple-Red Leaf (soft), Trupan (MDF board)

A variety of thickness is available. The most common are 3/4", 7/8", 15/16", 1 1/8"

(All rosettes and plinth blocks are sold unfinished.)

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